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Alex Bartlett
Alex Bartlett

Austin, TX

Designer at Kammok

adobe creative cloud, branding, editorial design, graphic design, motion graphics, social media content, textures, typography, vision casting

  1. Baya - Hammock Lounge design summer texture outdoors kammok recreation outdoor 3 hammock stand lounge hammock baya
  2. Sunda 2.0 TENT Talks logo kammok design x parody spoof talks tent ted talks
  3. National Camp at Home Day stay at home covid19 quarantine vector branding illustration texture outdoors pattern icons moon hammock grill tent tree kammok national camp at home day
  4. Time Outside Collective logo branding illustration texture events campfire digital collective kammok time outside
  5. Hike & Hang with Outdoor Voices after effects summer facebook instagram socialmedia animation illustration kammok hang hike ov outdoor voices
  6. Mantis Instagram Giveaway product texture instagram stories instagram contest giveaway mantis
  7. Weaver Magic animation photoshop design form liquid rainbow color product kammok weaver
  8. Homepage Update - Spring 2020 design animation ux  ui web design update homepage kammok
  9. Pika Pack Ad summer iphone x colors rainbow instagram story instagram ad pika pack austin city limits acl
  10. New Hats Instagram Story social instagram instagram stories summer products hats green pattern
  11. Time Outside Yoga Poster marketing poster yoga time outside texture kammok
  12. Time Outside Yoga - Halloween Edition sunshine fall event instagram illustration texture halloween yoga time outside
  13. Kammok Taco Tri instagram facebook social kammok austin texas eat swim run cycle bikers triathlon taco logo texture
  14. Product Features for Kammok Products illustrator product features kammok icon set icons features
  15. Everybody Sleeps photoshop texture outdoors sleep instagram template instagram stories products kammok
  16. 12.26.19 - Spend More Time Outside products design after effects ui email marketing email design kammok
  17. 12.18.19 - Two Day Shipping products design after effects ui email marketing email design kammok
  18. 12.28.19 - New Year Resolutions kammok email design email marketing ui after effects design products
  19. 01.21.20 - Sunset the Glider products design after effects ui email marketing email design kammok
  20. 01.11.20 - Burro Winter - Kammok Email kammok email marketing email design iu after effects design products
  21. 01.26.20 Tee Deal - Kammok Email products design after effects ui email marketing email design kammok
  22. SXSW - Motto illustration hand lettering motto illutrator photoshop t-shirt illustration t-shirt design t-shirt sxsw
  23. Pixeled Heart style pixelation pixel art love photoshop video game lives icon hearts valentines day
  24. SXSW Circlin' texture typography show flyer show desks photoshop illustrator tones psychadelic circles sxsw
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